Our 25 years of selling on-site, readily available used furniture has taught us one important thing: whether you are just beginning to set up an office or looking to make a change in your current one—particularly those on a limited budget, purchasing used office furniture is the way to go.
Because we only sell high-quality and well-preserved furniture, there is virtually no difference between a new product and a used one. Your business associates and friends will never know. And, to have that furniture onsite and readily available to pick up and drive off, or delivered, is simply the icing on the cake. At Wholesale Office Furniture, we have a wide selection of office furniture readily available, all at an affordable price. Instantly, you can begin to design and set up, or redesign, your very own office your way.
For some people, selecting furniture that has character, and even a certain type craftsmanship, is their number one reason for purchasing used office furniture. We pride ourselves in purchasing high-quality, unique furniture to fit all your particular office furniture needs. Because all furniture is not created equally, we continue to provide a large variety, on-site, to choose from. Many of our customers enjoy perusing through our wide selection to find exactly what they’re looking for.
Another great advantage of purchasing used furniture, on-site, is the recycling factor. In this day and age, when more of our natural resources are being wasted, purchasing re-purposed furniture makes sense and is a feel-good way to help out the environment. There is great satisfaction in having furniture that fits your needs at an affordable price, all while making a contribution to nature’s conservation needs.
Because of the continual change in office furniture trends, newer doesn’t always mean better. Possibly, there is a certain style no longer currently available. No worries. Possibly, we carry that piece on-site or know how to help you find it. We are committed to meeting your exact needs.
Throughout our 25-year office furniture experience, we have seen, and know, nearly every type of furniture and what works best. Our sales and design team can help you utilize all of your office space effectively, save you money while creating an office that satisfies all of your office needs and reflects your business, and you, in the best way possible. We’ve done this, for years, for others. Let us help you today.
Call us today and let us get you started on purchasing the best, most affordable, used office furniture today.

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