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There’s nothing comfortable about sitting at a desk from nine to five. Well, there could be something comfortable about it if you have the right chair. You’re sitting in that thing all day, your neck’s craning, and it’s not good for you. You need something with support, comfort, and a chair that’s lightweight enough to roll across your smooth plastic mat beneath your desk. Sounds like you need to take a look at our favorite desk chairs.

  1. Madison Task Chair

You know what one of the greatest disappointments in an office chair can be? Having your neck hang lazily over the top. The Madison task chair lets you roll around on five wheels, and lean backward to slightly recline without hurting the back of your neck. When you need to get the job done and sit up in a hurry (if the boss is walking by) you’ll be able to bounce back to a productive position, and hit the books without ever missing a beat.

  1. Amenity Task Chair

For the budget-savvy and those looking for a minimalist design, there’s the Amenity task chair. Built with price and comfort in mind, you get a slightly smaller, more compact chair that’s up to any task. (Lightweight means you can roll around quickly, and get back to work quickly, too.) If you don’t know what chair you want, get the chair you need. This gives you the perfect adjustable height level, leans back enough to be comfortable (but not too comfortable that you’ll fall asleep), and conforms to just about any desk height.

  1. Droid Task Chair

If you’ve seen the prequels, then you’ll immediately get excited over this themed office chair. For the tall and small, you’ll either be able to lean your head back on the relaxing addition to the height of your chair or keep yourself at a normal height level. Either way, you’ll enjoy the quick and easy control over the levers below the seat, adjusting yourself to the optimum height and comfort level for your specific brand of productivity. You’ll be able to glide around the office space with ease.

The Only Place to Shop for New & Used Office Furniture

If you’re looking to revamp the office and outfit your employees with new desk chairs, you’ve come to the right place. With our abundance of premium office chairs, you’ll find a comfortable seat for everyone in the office.

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Many don’t believe that there is much to the art of properly spreading out furniture in your workplace. Having the right office furniture matters, but having it set up in a proper and inviting environment matters just as much. If you’re not already using this to your advantage, you really should be. Check out some of the benefits of an open office furniture concept below.

Inviting, Not Guarded

In any workplace, your employees should be able to come to you with concerns about, well, anything at all. When you have boxy furniture that doesn’t have clear, open pathways, it makes getting to you—let alone talking to you—rather difficult, and intimidating. It’s all about body language, and while office furniture doesn’t really have body language, it does have the option of either inviting someone, or deterring them entirely.

It’s Good For HR

You have to play it safe when you’re dealing with Human Resources. If you’re not careful with how you present your environment in the office, you may make certain employees feel boxed-in or closed-off. That sends a negative vibe their way, and it also makes them less likely to come to you with an issue. Open communication is good for everyone. It alleviates stress off of your employees, while also keeping you in the loop on important factors of the task at hand that might otherwise go unnoticed or unchecked.

Excellent For Corporate Visits

If corporate is coming down for a quick visit, you don’t want the office to panic. When your employees panic, it’s never a good sign, and the bigwigs will notice. When you have an open floorplan and concept with your office furniture, it speaks beyond great prices and other number crunching matters—it shows, in a nonverbal way, that there’s nothing to hide. It keeps the flow of communication open wide so you won’t encounter awkward conversation. Not only that, but the last thing you want is to excuse yourself from the new coffee table and sofa area, only to knock knees with the guy who signs your checks. Open concept, open communication—happy bosses.

Your Office Furniture Has to Look Inviting As Well

Which is exactly why we have the ultimate solution for your office furniture needs. Give us a visit, and you’ll see just why the design of your furniture, as well as the function, matters in the workplace.

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Whether we accept this fact or not, the space we work in can negatively or positively affect our productivity at work. In case your office is cramped and cluttered, then it’s likely going to turn down the productivity, while a bright open space will turn up your ability to focus. With the ever rising estate prices, most employers are being forced to find better ways to creatively maximize their business spaces. At Wholesale furniture we have the latest creative office design layout ideas that will bring out the motivation, creativity and focus of your workforce.

The Office design of your business or company reflects directly on your image. Meaning, you need to tailor your office layout and design to directly complement the work atmosphere you are looking to achieve. A good example is an open office layout that mainly focuses on openness, visibility, collaboration and better communication. When your office has higher panels, it offers your employees with a lot of privacy. Depending on the type of work, many offices have a combined option of open and closed office layout designs. At Wholesale Office Furniture will look through your request and advise you if need, on the best office design ideas for your company.

Importance of Utilizing Space

Utilizing your office space is a big undertaking, and there are several factors that you need to consider before moving forward including the physical restrictions, accessibility and most importantly space. More things to consider include the diversity of your office team, lighting, sound and even pollution. Sound is the leading source of distraction in any office setup, our team at Wholesale furniture can advise you the best zoning strategies to combat noise pollution in your office.

How can Wholesale Furniture Assist my Design needs?

Wholesale Furniture Office is here for you to help create the best office design layouts for your organization. Our team of experienced and professional designers will help you right from the office floor plan to the minute design and décor enhancements needed. We understand that a good working environment is not only good for your employees but also for the overall productivity and success of your organization. That’s why we have hundreds if not thousands of ideas that can be used to bring out the vibrant feel that is strongly needed in your office. Most people confuse good office ideas with what’s trending, our staff will not only set you up with the latest designs, but they will ensure that it’s customized to look different from the rest.

In case you are looking for new amazing ideas for your office layout Wholesale Furniture is the store for you. Call or walk into our stores and discover the new look that will drive your business to prosperity.

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What most executives do not know is that your office set up will ultimately reflect on the performance of your company. According to a research paper. Ethonomics: Designing For the principles of The Modern Workplace. Revealed that your business setup will ultimately determine the direction of your business. Your Workplace needs to strive to provide a variety of spaces and destinations that your workers will inhabit to promote movement throughout the day. While a good number of organizations are implementing new designs into their workplaces, there is a need for more awareness and implementation of this particular way of thinking holistically about the workplace.  While there are so many ways a business can redesign their offices to promote employee motivation, and drive, here are 5 of the most popular design setups:

Hiding the Wires

Whether you have premium furniture that cost you $30,000 or just $500, it’s bound to look terrible when it’s cluttered. More and more companies are de-cluttering their furniture, eliminating wires between laptops and other electrical appliances. There are so many things that can make a room full of appliances look disorganized. Therefore, when you are shopping for office furniture be sure to get one that can conceal your wiring and clutter.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Nature is currently having a serious moment with design. Therefore having reclaimed wood installation panels, exposed concrete flooring, and natural flora patterns in offices are becoming more prominent. This new natural feel gives a cozy vibe that promotes creativity and positive thinking.

Multipurpose Workplace

Over the last 20 years, this trend has changed so rapidly, taking over the cubicles. Multipurpose workplaces can be utilized for so many things including media presentations, and casual breakouts. The oval shaped office desks also offer a convenient place that can allow for 3-6 people to have a meeting.

Designated Lounge areas

There has been more emphasis on creating spaces that are the antithesis of rigid workstations. With the invention of better and more powerful wireless technology, the traditional workplace is now untethered more than ever.Meaning offices are more comfortable. This in turn stimulates relaxed collaboration.

Office Setup by Color

It’s proven that color helps enhance your thoughts, several studies have confirmed this thought, that color promotes happiness, productivity, and even creativity. Some many offices are incorporating color into their office design. There are more offices now than ever with popping color in their design.

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Which is Better?


Office cubicles versus open office layout, which one is better? Possibly, the question isn’t which one is better, but that each layout is different so the needs of each business can be met.

Let’s explore each style:


Created in 1967, the cubicle-style office, or Action Office, took desk-lined offices and turned them into a whole new modern setting. No longer were desks lined in offices with white-collared employees sitting in stuffy rooms while the boss sat in the next room enjoying his privacy. Instead, each employee could now have his or her own privacy while still working in a group setting. By offering cubicles with low or high partitions, sights and sounds could be diminished so employees wouldn’t be distracted from their daily tasks. A cubicle-style office is more expensive than an open-space office, but the reason for this justifies the expense. For instance, a telecommunications company requires each “caller” to have as little peripheral noise as possible to avoid confusing conversations. Distractive sights are also reduced, which is helpful for businesses where concentration is necessary.  


Open-layout offices entered the business world in the middle of the 20th century with the thought that this style offers more flexibility, less cost and a more cooperative workplace. Open-layout offices have become quite popular within the tech world where collaboration is a high priority. Less space is used in the open-layout style, meaning more employees can be accommodated. Teamwork is also better and employee appreciation also rises as employees become more aware of what they each contribute throughout the day. And obviously, the cost is less, unless the determination is made to invest in expensive furniture to accommodate this, more casual and comfortable, setting. Some of the disadvantages include the noise, the lack of any privacy and even the distraction of the pencil-tapper sitting next to you. The natural distractions that exist in this layout can even cause employees to procrastinate their work.

When layout supports the tasks of the day, employees tend to be happier and more productive, which impacts the way they work. Office layout shapes behavior, so if the office is set up with daily tasks in mind, employees feel more motivated to invest in the bottom line. To satisfy both sides, some companies choose to purchase furniture on wheels so movement within the office is available, as in times where privacy is a must versus times where collaboration is necessary.

     Wholesale Office Furniture has helped countless customers design their office with productivity in mind, along with every other company need. For more information on which is the right office layout for you, contact us today at (801) 809-4168

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When it comes to office layout, choosing the right one could be the most important decision a company makes because this so greatly impacts daily production.

According to a recent study by the International Facility Management Association, an open layout is still the most commonly used layout, with 70 percent of offices in the United States embracing this type of arrangement. This particular style of layout is responsible for reducing employee workspace area from 225 square feet of space in 2010 to 151 square feet today, according to CoreNet Global.

The first consideration for the right office layout is always what are your daily priorities  and how you can best utilize the space available to perform these necessary tasks. Does your business require more privacy, like an ad agency where creativity requires some private time to create? Or, is your company in need of more daily collaboration, as happens in the tech world?

The five most popular ways businesses set up their offices are:


Traditional Closed Office


    The traditional closed office will, most likely, never go away because of the way this office layout perfectly meets the demands of certain businesses. These include companies where privacy is a must and an interest in employee hierarchy is also a consideration. Cubicle walls are taller to allow for privacy and work well to meet this need. However, communication between employees is not as readily available, therefore great consideration should be given to the communication demands of your company.


Modular Workstation Layout


    This type of plan divides work areas into individual spaces using different types of furnishings and panels and includes not only a desk but some type of storage unit and individual lighting. Modular workstations use lower-height cubicle walls, so employees can be both seen and heard. This type of office layout easily accommodates the individualized needs of each employee. For companies that need more storage space, this style of set up is also very storage-friendly. Another benefit of this style of office is that rearranging the layout is quicker and easier.


Open-Plan Offices


    Some companies choose to use the open-plan layout, even stretching their vision to include a library-type of set up, where comfortable chairs and tables are arranged in a way that fosters open communication and faster exchange of information. This type of layout works well where constant interaction among employees is a must. Desks can be arranged in an open plan, sometimes in a circular format or arranged in a horizontal line structure.


Cluster Workstation Layout


    This type of office layout works well with companies that have multiple areas of focus with employees grouped together around each one. Dividers are usually arranged around a central hub where resources are easily available to perform daily duties. This layout also lends itself well to those companies where time needs to be spent alone, and yet time is also needed to work together to carry out the duties of each day.


Mixed-use Office


     Companies where multiple needs are a daily demand, incorporate mixed office layouts to meet the multiple needs of their company. Mixed office layouts combine several different types of office layouts to support the demands of open communication along with the necessity of quiet environments.


Whatever your office layout needs are Wholesale Office Furniture is here to help. Call us today at (801) 809-4168.

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When buying office furniture, remember, the look of your office will say a lot about your company’s focus, commitment and style. What style of office are you looking to create? Professional? Modern? Cozy? Simple?  

When it comes to buying office furniture, no furniture is more affordable, functional, comfortable and unique than the large selection found at Wholesale Office Furniture. No staff is more helpful as well.

Our brick and mortar store, located in West Jordan, Utah–in conjunction with our successful online services, is filled with everything needed to meet all your particular office needs, whether that is a simple home office or a large, complex executive suite.

Since no two offices are the same, our onsite sales and design team is prepared to help you select the perfect match for your specific office plan, as we have done so many times for all our other satisfied customers, which is why we remain in business after 25 years.

Because we are selective in the items we purchase, our standards remain high in our commitment to find and purchase only the best and most well-preserved furniture. Everything item, from our conference tables to our cubicles to our bookshelves and our perfectly designed reception areas, is carefully selected.

Buying office furniture can be stressful as you work to create, plan, organize, purchase, and then set up your dream office. We take all the stress out of this, sometimes-grueling, process because, even though buying office furniture might be new to you, it is not new to us. We will listen to your particular needs and be able to resolve any anticipated demands. Our customers have learned to rely on us, which is why we have such a solid base of repeat customers.

If you’re looking for help on how to design your office, we have the long-term experience of creating thousands of offices. We know what works and what doesn’t. The first thing we do know is that your office will need to be created in a way that will motivate you to be excited to work there, otherwise your work productivity will suffer.

Regardless of your budget size and your office needs, we are here to make sure your process of buying office furniture is simple. From start to finish, we will walk you through the process and remain with you all the way through to the day you walk into your office satisfied, proud and relieved that the vision you started with was accomplished while you avoided breaking the bank.

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Standing at your desk all day long or sitting at your desk all day long. What does this mean for you and for millions of employees and others who sit at a desk for long periods of time?

The results might surprise you.

According to a study by the American Heart Association, the average American sits for six to eight hours per day, resulting an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

The World Health Organization has also listed physical inactivity as the fourth leading cause of non-communicable disease, and goes on to report that insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide.

The statistics for sedentary behaviors continues to mount while more and more people continue to sit for long periods of time, including those who have a “desk job.”

The statistics for increased obesity are enough to make one stand all day long, which leads us to the topic of standing desks, one of the latest trends in office furniture.

Obviously, desk preference is a personal choice, but there are some interesting facts to consider:

  • Studies have shown that more active movement sends endorphins to your brain. Endorphins are known to increase creativity and production.
  • Standing for just three hours a day, five days a week can burn up to 8 pounds of fat per year.
  • The heart beats 10 times more per minute, which equals 30,000 calories per year by standing for three hours per day, five days a week
  • More blood and oxygen pumps through your body, increasing energy and revitalizing muscles when standing
  • Standing desks result in reduced back and neck pain
  • Those who use a standing desk report increased core strength and better posture


Because the average office worker spends five hours and forty-one minutes per day seated at his or her desk, more and more employees are exploring the option of standing desks. No longer is this just a curiosity, but a real consideration. Some have considered sitting at a desk all day long to be “the new smoking.”

Either way, following are some suggestions to consider when purchasing a standing desk:

  • Always purchase a gel or anti-fatigue mat
  • Know that an “adjustable height” standing desk can accommodate your specific height and help support your specific posture
  • Desk depth –  make sure the depth of your desk can meet your specific work needs
  • Desk width – again to make sure all of your specific work needs are met
  • Noise – some standing desks are noisier than other standing desks during height adjustments
  • Adjustment speed – some standing desks adjust faster than others

With every employee experience being so individualized, only you will know if a standing desk is something that will meet all of your workplace and personal needs.

For more information, contact Wholesale Office Furniture today at (801) 809-4168.

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According to a 2009 study by the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management, 31 banks branches and 13 banks were studied for the purpose of determining what the relationship is between office design and productivity. The results were complete and staggering:

  • 50% of people spend 50% of their lives in an indoor environment
  • A better work environment, including office furniture placement, does increase productivity
  • Clutter and physical environment are the two most common factors contributing to loss of productivity

What does this mean to you? It means knowing your business well enough—and the type of employees your business attracts, to know what factors will increase productivity.

According to the Journals of Public Affairs, Administration and Management’s study, the five biggest factors contributing to employee productivity are:

  • Furniture – is your office furniture comfortable? Do your chairs cause back pain, numbness or overall uncomfortableness? If so, this will distract from the daily goals you seek to accomplish.
  • Noise – some employees prefer to work in a noisy environment while others prefer silence. It is hard to please all of the people all of the time, but determining which employees you attract will help accommodate them. Some companies have a quiet area for those needing some quiet time.
  • Lighting – studies have shown that low wattage can lessen productivity while high wattage can possibly cause headaches and burning eyes. Natural light is very important and can help employees feel more relaxed, yet engaged and determined to perform at their highest level.
  • Temperature – this can be another difficult part of your environment because each employee’s body temperature is different from another’s. And there is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold. Making sure there is proper ventilation is also an important factor in employee productivity. Working in a stuffy environment is tough on everyone.
  • Spatial arrangements – is your office furniture arranged effectively? Are your desks too close together? Is the printer too far away? The way your office furniture is arranged does support and accommodate your daily goals.


At Wholesale Office Furniture, we are equipped to help with your office furniture needs as they apply to productivity in the workplace. Our sales and design team of 25-years knows what works and what does not. We have helped countless business owners and office managers create office space that works for their specific goals in mind.  

Call Wholesale Office Furniture and let us increase your productivity today.